Friday, 31 May 2013

Consciousness continued. Maybe a bit repetitive

Here 's a thought for you.
What is a thought? Think about that.
How are you thinking about that? Is what you are now thinking a thought? Is this kind of thinking process messing you up? Literally how do you think?
Can we define a thought as our own or is it from some where else and we have just borrowed it, hijacked it or stolen it?
Where do thoughts come from anyway?Are thoughts part of the ether? Is any given thought actually your thought or is it a thought from someone else or is it just there? Is your thought already in existence in someone else, something else or somewhere else?
Are thoughts something that is there which we take and utilise for our own ends?
Is there something called a super-consciousness part of the universe and this superconsciousness actually has thoughts which are just there?

You know how we became aware of the light or energy spectrum and we realised that we can only see one small percentage of a percentage point of this spectrum.

Could there be a further part of this spectrum or a whole new one that houses thinking and thoughts ie a universal or super consciousness? Does this transpose over to the whole universe and everything?

Could this be called energy in one of its many forms? (Remember we can only see a minute spectrum of light.)

Would be interested to talk about this.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Are we part of a greater consciousness where we share a sort of consciousness soup?

We all have those thoughts where we cannot explain why we do something, is this intuition something we get from outside our own thoughts?(IE a consciousness soup?)

Hope these thoughts get the ball rolling. Would like to discuss as I am writing another book on thinking.

This is Book about Aliens who take over our bodies and souls.