Monday, 28 October 2013

Some thoughts I would like to discuss. Sorry no images here I just want to discuss these points.
What is Matter?
What is Dark Matter?
What is Dark Energy?
What is Dark Flow?
You see I have some theories about these things and would like to know what other people are thinking? 
My theory starts with I think an "Ocean of Energy" which we are part of. This energy incorporates everything even our souls. This is all contained in Dark Matter (Or the stuff we can't see but know it is there.) This ocean then naturally has energy (IE Dark energy) and also currents. (IE Dark Flow)
Following on.
At the moment we know by mathematical computation that Dark Matter exists. But we do not know what it actually is! Here is a guestimate.
The universe is made up of energy.
Energy comes from things like the sun which is made up of Matter.
Energy also comes from reactions of some Matter hitting other Matter.
Matter also has energy as part of its being.
Enter Anti-Matter. We know it exists and sometimes we can see the reactions it causes in our upper atmosphere.
Here is a theory ? If all Matter as we know it exists in the universe is;
A: Dark-Matter?
B: What we see as Matter is a small percentage of total Matter. (Or Dark Matter)
C: What we see as Anti-Matter is another small percentage of Dark Matter (Or Matter)
So is Dark Matter actually another sort of 4th dimension of Matter created by the combination of Matter and Anti-Matter that we can only see occasionally or imagine?
Or is it just there and is? Then what we are and what we see are the occasional blips?