Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Reality what’s your view on it?
This is a continuation of the discussion about Dark Matter ,Anti Matter and of course Matter.(Not that it matters much to talk about Matter.) You will understand the bad humour hopefully at the end of this tripe.
Reality I am sure I know what it is as you are sure that you know what it is.
Here's an interesting question. Are any two perceived realities the same?
Think about this for a moment, then ask yourself are our individual realities the same? Lets look at French Impressionist Artists from the late 1800's for example who saw light differently and expressed those difference's. So was their reality concerning light better , worse or just different.
Did you know light we can see probably makes up less than .1% of the energy in the universe. Now we think as earthlings that we are aware of the whole universe. We are not.
You only have to look at the discovery of Dark Matter in the last 20 or so years. (This was discovered by mathematical imputation.) After this discovery we concluded we cannot see or even comprehend over 80% of the universe.
So being that we already know that mathematically there is at least 80% of stuff (Matter) we cannot see feel or touch. Add to this our knowledge of energy which we know is there but only see a very small bit of.
What actually is our reality? Is our perception of reality even 1% of what actually is reality. Are we living amongst other beings without even knowing that we are?