Thursday, 6 June 2013

Part of some new writing I am putting together under the title of ;


Thoughts are they within us in our brain or are they just there in time and space?

Did a little bit of this biologically derived energy set the thought process in motion so to speak or was the energy to create the biological processes already there ? So is the thought merely the energy itself or a sort of matrix from a master plan?
What if it is part of a master plan ? ( I mean a simple thought?)
So we have a few thoughts here or a situation. (I was going to say conundrum. This bit of half brained thinking will create some great arguments.)
If a thought is just an energy impulse or group of energy pulses can we see it or them? I mean are these thoughts observable can I do a scan of my brain and say this part here where the signal is a little different is a thought. (would be hard my brain is small.) Imagine if I could see a visible point? What if we saw that same combination of energy outside my brain in the ether so to speak. Would it still be a thought? Or could it be something else?

I invite comments and criticism.