Wednesday, 19 June 2013

You gotta have Soul

This is a continuation from the “Thought Energy” essay.

Will the consciousness field it self, keep the individual consciousness or soul alive. Albeit in a a different form. If the support body dies for an energy charge, soul or thoughts. Where does they or it go? Does energy/ a soul just disappear or does it go somewhere else? The energy has to still be there in some form or other. It cannot simply dissipate because even dissipation itself is a transformation or evolution of the same energy.

Big Supposition Here;

So you could have extra energy being held and also some energy being acquired by a field of consciousness. This captive energy may be called ghosts or souls. Could this energy/soul that is being held in a field of consciousness find its way into another living being? (Resettle)
What if this energy or souls were actually always there in a consciousness soup? Did it pre exist humans or animals as energy there in its own right and we just evolved so that it (the energy) could get used?
Could this energy field loosely be named the fourth dimension?