Monday, 17 June 2013

Thought Energy

If an energy pulse is just that raw energy, is it possibly the same in any state of creation. Is a thought linked to the cosmos? Whether it be energy created inside our heads or a gathering of energy outside our heads. Ask your self this question. Who is to say one form of the energy has more significance than the other? They are both forms of energy. After all are we could be just energy storage vessels.
Is our planet a living energy vessel? How does energy live can we say that a sun for instance is a living being after all it has plenty of energy. Does the energy necessarily also mean life. I can't imagine life with out energy. On the one hand when we have life, we can both give off and use energy. But does energy itself also constitute life in a different form. Do we have to define life as an organic form. Why do we have this prejudice towards living things to call them alive. What about mother earth? Is it the encapsulation of life? Some parts appear not to be alive but there is plenty of energy stored on it.
I think we are just conduits of energy which already exists in the universe. We either tap into and use energy around us or we store energy we encounter and then reproduce that energy in our own unique way or transmission back into the universe around us.
Here I will go further and speculate that we really are just temporary conduits created by the energy itself and our presence is just a manifestation of what the energy has already produced.
Just to enhance this argument lets say there is a field of lets say consciousness. If this consciousness field is say everyone on earths consciousness. Then it could be powered by us our energy. But was the energy there before we were created? Is the energy in consciousness derived from the combination of everyone's thoughts or every-things presence.
What if some extra energy comes from outside this field of consciousness. Can we argue that consciousness exists with out any animal input and that even plants and rocks have an existence based on energy. After all they were all created with energy.
Then what if some one dies does their consciousness energy leave this field of consciousness. Will the energy field it self keep the individual consciousness alive within it. Could be a Soul.
Again this is some of my half baked theory would be interested to discuss.